Inspire Yourself, Inspire the World

We inform, inspire and empower you to give back to the
local communities you call “home away from home.”

Our Mission

To connect and unite nomads in the shared goal of engaging with and contributing to local communities. Together, we can create positive social change through volunteering, cultural exchange, and education.

NGB Workshop


The first step to a solution is identifying the problem.

Through our partnership network and advocacy, we share the most pressing needs of communities.

Explore our partner list for more information.

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Creating meaningful interpersonal connections is critical to inspiring yourself.

Group events, social impact trips, and social meetups bring our diverse community together.

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With the key ingredients of passion and community built, we can move on to empowerment.

We treasure our community and do everything we can to develop skills and share knowledge.

That's why we created Nomads Skillshare, an online learning platform for personal and professional skills.

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