Our vision is to inspire nomads & travelers to give back to the local communities we call ‘home away from home.’

We celebrate nomads, travelers & expats creating social impact around the world and raising awareness of the ways everyday heroes are giving back.

We serve as a bridge between the nomad community and social impact leaders
to promote social good around the world.

Inspire yourself, inspire the world!

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Help support our collective social impact!

Nomads Giving Back began in November of 2018 solely with self-funding. This is because we believe that nomads around the world need an organization they can rely on to be the bridge between you (the nomad) and the amazing impact organizations around the world.

We know you want to give back to the places you call home away from home, and we are building a community that makes that easy, giving more nomads like yourself more opportunities to truly make an impact. 

We are starting by creating tribes in the nomad destinations around the world that will facilitate impact events with local organizations as well as educational and cultural gatherings.

But we need your help. In order to keep Nomads Giving Back growing, we are asking for donations to help the creation of our social enterprise to better serve you and the communities we call home away from home! These funds will be used to help finance our event operations, software, licenses, and overhead costs.

Inspire yourself, inspire the world!