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Our Story

Founded in 2018, Nomads Giving Back began as a brief pitch from our founder Tarek to a group of nomads on a cruise; imagine mobilizing the collective power of the global nomad movement. With the breadth of skills and experiences nomads have, anything could be accomplished. All that was missing was a path towards this change.

Tarek had long been seeking a social enterprise he deeply cared about. Realizing how many nomads wanted to contribute to their homes away from home but didn’t know how, Tarek imagined a bridge between nomads and their host communities. Thus was born Nomads Giving Back, the perfect way to connect locals and nomads.

Through a series of events and the incredible people behind them, NGB has been able to forge these connections in Bali, Medellin, and Buenos Aires, our Global Hubs.


We are determined to consistently provide opportunities for nomads around the world to connect with one another and the communities that host them. We will continue facilitating these connections through a combination of events and partnerships, all of which center around a spirit of sincerity and collaboration.

Ultimately our goal is to connect and unite nomads in the shared goal of engaging with and contributing to local communities. Together, we can create positive social change through volunteering, cultural exchange, and education.


To cultivate a world where nomads participate in and steward the places they call home.

Our Values

We see humans in four dimensions: body, mind, heart, and soul. Each of these contributes to the holistic person and must be continuously cultivated for deep personal growth. We seek to build these same characteristics into our organization and community.



We firmly believe that the foundation of any impactful action lies in caring for our physical selves. We recognize the vital importance of nurturing our bodies as a gateway to well-being and productivity.

Through active engagement and shared encouragement, we foster a culture of holistic health, where individuals come together to support and inspire one another on their personal wellness journeys.

By prioritizing the well-being of our bodies, we lay the groundwork for a vibrant and energetic community that can make a lasting difference in the world.



We understand that building skills and expanding knowledge is a transformative catalyst for positive change. We embrace a lifelong commitment to learning, recognizing that continuous growth and intellectual curiosity empower us to tackle complex challenges with confidence and innovation.

By harnessing the collective knowledge and diverse perspectives within our community, we create a dynamic ecosystem of wisdom-sharing, enabling us to amplify our impact exponentially. We celebrate the joy of discovery, inspiring one another to explore new horizons and unlocking the full potential of our collective intellect.



We are driven by a profound belief in the transformative power of compassion and human connection. We cultivate a culture of empathy, where the needs of others are seen, acknowledged, and met with unwavering dedication.

By fostering deep bonds within our community and extending our outreach to the world beyond, we forge enduring relationships grounded in kindness, respect, and genuine care. It is through the open-hearted embrace of others that we truly fulfill our mission, creating a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond our immediate sphere of influence.



Within the depths of our being lies an intangible essence that fuels our purpose and fuels our actions. We recognize the intrinsic value of nurturing our souls, as it is through this inner connection that we discover profound meaning and ignite our passion for making a difference.

We celebrate the beauty of diversity and inclusivity, honoring the unique experiences and perspectives that enrich our collective soul.

By cultivating an environment that encourages creativity, expression, and the exploration of the human spirit, we unlock the boundless potential within each of us, fostering a sense of fulfillment and purpose that resonates with our mission.

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