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Podcasts & Interviews

Flyer About Podcast Nomads With A Causes

Nomad with a Cause: Tarek's 5-Year Legacy of Empowering Local Communities

December 2023

NYC Nomad Village Virtual Panel for NYC Tech Week: Nomads From NY

October 2022

Enabling digital nomads to make a difference in the world, with Tarek Kholoussy

October 2022

How Digital Nomads Can Contribute Their Skills For Positive Impact - Tarek Kholoussy with NomadsUnveiled

June 2022

Finding Greater Connection in the World Through Digital Nomadism with Tarek Kholoussy, Founder of Nomads Skillshare!

March 2022

EPISODE #178: Building “Nomads Giving Back”, Traveling the World for 9 Years, and Spending Time in 100 Countries with Tarek Kholoussy

March 2022

From a suit & tie in NYC to empowering thousands around the world to give back locally with Tarek Kholoussy

February 2022

08: Leaving the corporate world behind and reinventing yourself with Tarek

March 2022

Inspiring lessons from 100 countries, 25 marathons and 1 social enterprise

January 2022

Manhattan grind to Balinese beaches with the Founder of Nomads Giving Back!

February 2022

Wise Millennial Podcast: Tarek Kholoussy, Nomads Giving Back! and Nomads Skillshare!

April 2021

Episode 16: The Giving Nomad, with Tarek Kholoussy | The Odin Podcast

February 2021

27. From Corporate to Social Impact Entrepreneur, with Tarek Kholoussy |

October 2021

Nomads Giving Back: Progetto per i Nomadi Digitali che Vogliono Avere un Impatto Positivo sul Mondo

February 2021

Episode 5: Nomad Stories EP5 with Tarek Kholoussy | Travel the world for a good cause

July 2020

Nomads Giving Back ~Tarek Kholoussy onThe Radically Different Podcast

July 2020

Digital Nomadism With Local Impact

July 2020

Remote Weekly Spotlight with Jordan Carroll

July 2020

Nomads Giving Back To The World with Tarek Kholoussy | Ep.42 | Remotepreneurs

May 2020

Living in Bali Podcast | The Art of Giving Back with Tarek of Nomads Giving Back ​

June 2020

The Radio Vagabond - Part 1​

May 2020

Fulfilling Work LIVE!

May 2020

From Corporate to Compassion | Creating a Bridge Between Nomads & Local Causes with Tarek Kholoussy

November 2019

The Radio Vagabond - Part 2

May 2020

Interview Tarek Kholoussy

September 30, 2019

Breaking out of the Box and Becoming Location Independent with ‘Nomads Giving Back’ Founder, Tarek Kholoussy

January 29 2020

There is Power in Giving Back

June 8 2019

Courageously forging a life of giving back with Tarek Kholoussy

October 15 2019

The Everest Marathon; Tarek Kholoussy From Overweight Corporate to 25 Marathons worldwide

May 1 2019

Tarek Kholoussy: If You Might Fail at Something You Don’t Want to Do — Might as Well Take a Chance at Something You Love to Do!

September 20, 2019

Tarek Kholoussy Talks About His Social Enterprise Nomads Giving Back!

February 6, 2019

Riding a rickshaw 4000km across India, running the world’s highest marathon and creating a social impact movement amongst nomads

May 30, 2019

Tarek Kholoussy | Who are you?

February 6, 2019

Media Mentions

Providing Remote Work Opportunities To Local Communities Through Skill-sharing

June 2021

Badass non-profit: Nomads Giving Back

July 27, 2020

How to Volunteer with Nomads Giving Back!

November 16, 2020

Travel 2.0 - Creating a Better Future for Travel After Lockdown | Founder Tarek & Ambassador Bianca share their thoughts

May 3rd 2020

Social Impact for Digital Nomads: 6 Ways You Can Start Now

July 9, 2020

How Nomads Giving Back Is Making Positive Impact Travel More Accessible For All

January 30, 2020

Why I'm a Nomads Giving Back Ambassador

FEBRUARY 23, 2020

Remote Work: How Technology is Transforming Work Culture

November 13, 2019

6 Christmas Charity Activities in Medellín

December 5, 2019

Different Facets of Remote Work

June 13, 2019


October 15, 2019

Where to Volunteer in Medellín

March 25, 2019

Youtube & Apperances

In this video our ambassador Sergio shows us the whole experience of living in Medellin, Colombia as a digital nomad; renting an apartment, drinking Colombian coffee, watching an Atletico Nacional soccer game, going to meetups and visiting the most important places of the city

In this video our ambassador Sergio interviews 12 digital nomads all around the world, giving us their perspective on COVID-19, work problems and what will the future of nomads will be after the pandemic.

Our founder, Tarek Kholoussy, and other Nomads Giving Back! team members, have also represented the organization by speaking at the following conferences/events:

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